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Welcome to The Screw Camels

We started this forum not as a mere discussion board, but instead, an extension of ourselves. A network of people from different places, speaking different languages, having different views about things, but sharing some things in common:
the value of friendship and learning.

We do not have preset rules and regulations here. Instead we just cope up with some basic and simple guidelines to make our stay worthwhile in this community.

We do not oblige any member to follow our guidelines. Members are free to do the things they think are right and are not advised to take a step to something they know themselves is not right.

Below are some of the basic guidelines we freely follow in this forum. Such simple things have really done so much for and to us, and we hope that would also be the outcome for you.

Respect yourself.
Begin with yourself and you will gain other people's respect too. But never ever overdo it. Self-respect comes with humility and straight-forward attitude. If other people tell you that you are not right, and you know their observation about you is true, accept it and try to make up for it. Starting an argument and defending yourself over a matter that you know is not right reflects only your lack of self-respect and worst making yourself a liar.

Treat everyone as your equal.
Do not assume they are better than you for that will just make you lowly, uncomfortable and might lose self-confidence. Do not make presumptions that you are far better than others for that will only make you boastful, arrogant and negligent of the people around you. If we are all equal (even if it is only in this community), we could all express ourselves freely, move without hesitations and enjoy better relationship with one another. So kindly avoid addressing anybody here with the words sir, master or lord and stop waiting to be addressed in the same manner likewise.

Enjoy what you do.
Learning comes much easier if you are having a good time with what you are doing. Don't force yourself to learn something you can't learn at the moment. Just let the learning come to you and not you catching at it. Results are better if you are relaxed.

Spend more time with matters of greater importance than this community.
Do not exert most of your time in this forum. Consider this as your way of unwinding from daily routines and not make it as your daily routine. Help your mother with her chores, take your kids to a park, do your school works, cook for your wife for once, visit your relatives, surprise your girlfriend with a not-so-romantic but unexpected date and other stuffs like that. Life is too short so let's give every second of it its worth.

Thank you so much for coming to our forum.
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